Lalbazaar Web Series Review: Ajay Devgan released the poster of the series

blocktersJune 24, 2020

This year is the year of Police and Public in Digital Entertainment. If you have enjoyed watching Hathiram’s adventures in Hades, Zee5’s new web series Lal Bazaar is a new gift for you this Corona era. The guarantee is of Ajay Devgan himself. As Ajay Devgan released the poster of the series, he said that the manner in which the people wearing police uniforms have served the whole society in this time of distress, the same feeling belongs to the policemen working in this series.

If anyone asked to walk 18 Lalbazar Street in Kolkata and now Kolkata, he would definitely see your face quickly. Actually, this is the address of the headquarters of Kolkata Police. In the Lalbazar series, the entire police force is in front of you. This web series is actually a story of three worlds and its story is neither written in Puranas nor any police inspector has read it on WhatsApp. Here, this story is a straw, then your every moment, every breath in it is wrapped with its characters.

Lalbazar is the story of ACP Crime Suranjan Sen, which his boss wants very much. Suranjan also keeps his subordinates by the chest. If the police department has its own colors, then some colorless also comes here as a human weakness. Maya Ghoshal, a very close friend of Suranjan, spends nights with her and uses all the raj of the police to increase the TRP of her channel. The world on the other side of Lalbazar is not only red, it is colorful.


Suranjan’s quintessential Farzana, who carries the legacy of her father’s informant in this world, is fueled by chilling arrogance of contracts and contracts. And, in the world where the confluence of these two worlds comes together, the king of that world is Ghazi. The act of Ghazi and Suranjan is now embroiled in a new knot. The story has the real story of sexual abuse on the pretext of Shelter Home and is one such screw up in the Panty Murder case.

Sajal Anand has given a new collection of Hindi to Lal Bazaar written by Rangan Chakraborty. This collection takes you closer to some of the detective novels of Surendra Mohan Pathak and Ved Prakash Sharma. In the Hindi belt, the popularity of the novels of both authors, the Lal Bazar series seems to pursue the same choice in video form. Kaushik Sen, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Subrata Dutta, Dibyendu Bhattacharya are seen shaking shoulders with Rishita Bhatt and Ranjini Chakravarti.


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